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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Doing what you love

The other day I was pottering around Covent Garden and came across some powerful words scribbled on a hot pink wall: "Do what you love, because the world needs more people doing what they love." How true is that?

It made me stop and think. And think. And think. What is it I really love doing, and am I doing enough of it? I love to explore, discover, create. I love a nice cup of tea and a sit down, chatting and laughing with old friends. I love spending time alone in cafes, wandering anonymously through far away cities and wild landscapes, meeting new people and learning about other ways of life. I love using my hands to make things which carry the stories I have seen and heard. And there is always more of that to be done.

Are you doing what you love? Tell yourself about it. Tell someone else about it - or tell me about it!

I have just returned from an incredible adventure of the soul in California (more on that to follow), where I made a circle of precious new friends who are all fellow artists. What a learning experience - each and every one of them taught me something, and they were all doing what they love. Just what the world needs.

Books of the week this week:
ART: Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts.  The book that inspired me to go to California and meet my soul sisters (see )
ADVENTURE: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robin Pirsig.  One of those books everyone should read at least once, but it's even better the second time around.  It is both the story of a road trip and a meditation on values
STORIES: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.  She makes English a more beautiful language ( see )


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, my Artful Journey cabin-mate! I hope you had an uneventful flight home. Good for you for already getting your blog up. I'm honored to be your first follower!

  2. love your first blog post!
    it was a pleasure meeting you and spending the afternoon with you on our photowalk on monday.
    i hope we are able to meet up again soon in the uk or usa.
    ps: love your "hearts in nature" photo!

  3. I am so thrilled you started this sooner rather than later! Looking forward to nurturing our friendship through our blogposts and such! Love, love, love your beautiful soul!

  4. soooo super happy that you started a blog. wow! you don.t waste time now do you sister. can.t wait to follow along. don.t feel bad about explaining your journey to your {very cute} boyfriend. found that sometimes it.s just better in your memory and your heart and with those you experienced it with.
    many hugs.

  5. Welcome to blog land Beth. I was Louise's roomy and sat with you all the last night of our retreat. Can't wait to see you post your art!

  6. I'm so proud of you for following through and building a blog. I love your first post! Your photograph is awesome and your words inspiring. I look forward to seeing more.

    We sound like we are on the same journey. I'm an explorer too! But, I like to stop along the way to reflect on where I've been and where I'm going. I'm so happy that I met you!

  7. Hi Beth,

    It was lovely meeting you at the Artful Journey Retreat and welcome to the world of blogging. I have a feeling you'll be very successful!

  8. Beth - you go girl!!!
    Can't wait to see more of your beautiful writing and art.

  9. Good for you for taking the plunge! I'm scheduled for the Artful Journey Retreat in July and hope my time is as wonderful as yours.

  10. Hi Beth thanks for stopping by and leaving sweet comments. Yes you can have a leaf!

  11. Hi Beth! Glad to see your blog up...looks wonderful already. I had a similar issue trying to explain the trip to my hubby. But as our hearts grow, our smiles broaden, our souls soar they see know?

  12. it.s me again.
    how in the world did you travel across the seas, catch up with your boyfriend and put together an amazing blog like this girlie?
    sheez louise.
    (not louise gale, no)
    you rock sister.

  13. So excited to see you blog up so soon. And that list of books - 3 of my very favourites. What a great list.

    Can't wait to read more about the life and loves of Beth.

  14. ps...have subscribed to your blogxlynda

  15. Hi beth. I was in Convent garden( l live in Putney) the of my favorite place s to take images and have a coffee!I also see you have done The Unravelling course, which l have also done..did you enjoy it?x I am also glad you enjoyed your American tripx..l came here from that blog.
    I too think you have to do what your heart tells you.....My Art keeps me sane! lyndax


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