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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

doing nothing

Doing nothing does not come easily to me, but island hopping in Greece was the perfect opportunity to take a step back, get some much needed rest, soak up the sun and have no schedule for over two weeks (except 'swim time', 'ice cream time', 'dinner time' etc - you get the picture). 

It has been a time for...

... ice cold watermelon

... cool swims in sparkling seas

... dancing in the sand 

... long chats over dinner as the sun set

... and a time to wander and explore tradition and modernity

It has also been a time for clearing out my head, which arrived in the baking heat of Athens jumbled and full, noisy and impatient. 

The gentle breeze, clear skies and luxurious sun have calmed it, and made space for new ideas, plans and adventures.  I have made real progress on two exciting projects I am working on (more on this soon) - baby steps towards a big dream. 

 I feel healthier, energised and ready to play. 

It's funny how quite a few of us have been talking about rest recently, as Louise pointed out. 

It's half way through a big year, spring is turning into summer, and we all need to take time to replenish our energy reserves every now and then. 

Are you taking care of yourself?


  1. Hi Beth,

    I love Greece, have been to most of the major tourist attraction except Santorini island which is my fav with their series of blue-and-white buildings. Was there winter so it's not the best time to go to an island.

    It's great you took a break, you'll feel a boast of energy now you're renewed to do more art!Love the pictures you took and it's brilliant to bring your paints along!


    p.s.I've changed my blog url to btw.

  2. Gorgeous! What a wonderful chance to relax and unwind.

  3. Soooo love the photos Beth. Im craving "traditional European" holidays so much, i miss them, the smell, the sea air, sand, music and ohhh I can just imagine you there, resting and eating ice cream. :-) I keep saying to myself, this time in x days time ill be in Spain... so excited. Cant wait to hear about your projects so much great stuff going on.

    You've really inspired me to do some more stitching work, so i still get to be creative whilst im away without the risk of security taking away my beloved paints (and of course making more room in my suitcase for chocolate and Branston pickle on the way home!). LOL

    :-) xxxx

  4. The color in that second photo is surreal. All the the photos are beautiful.

    Just imagining that I am jumping into that blue water is refreshing! Perfect for the start of summer.

  5. Dearest Beth, my fiance and i love to do nothing once a while. :) Greece is really beautiful! Your photos are gorgeous and i love each and every one! Loving the flowers and the beautiful ocean view! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  6. I also have a hard time doing nothing - and I'm usually doing many things at once! your photos of Greece were relaxing just to look at and think about! I will be on vacation next week - don't know if it will be relaxing, but it will be a change in scenery, new sights, sounds, and experiences... hopefully inspiring for art!

  7. beautiful images - the meditterenean is so wonderful, the light is like no other place!! family is from the little island of Cyprus not far from Greece - i wish i was there right now!!

  8. Hello,

    Thank you for your comment on my work.
    Your site is refreshing and beautiful, and I am now signed on as a follower! I love the 'Do what you love interviews'.

    I am a big fan of taking time to watch the flowers grow.

  9. Oh Beth! I'm so happy for you that you took the time to refuel. I also struggle with "doing nothing"... and have sometimes learned the hard way to take a I respond well to a gentle nudge...

    It has been quite a full year already with the ART course in February, Dreaming BIG with Mondo Beyondo, Kelly Rae's e-course, launching our BLOGS and creating ART again,not too mention the everyday life stuff; work, errands and responsibilities...

    SO glad to see you breathing in that sunshine and watching the flowers grow! Bravo! xox

    Glad to hear that you are feeling energized and

  10. Hi Beth:

    Your pics are very beautiful and calming. Thanks for sharing your trip to Greece, my boyfriend and I are going island hopping there in August and im looking forward to the wonders of the beach and the sunset. Its amazing how traveling to different places truly expands our horizons. Its going to be oru first time traveling there, and we are sort of on a budget but its totally worth it. I have been struggling with "doing nothing" as I am a multitasker and this year I decided to let go of the load a bit and geez I didn't reailze how hard it is to "do nothing" But it has sparked up this creativity in me that perhaps would not have happened otherwise. Sometimes we just have to see where "doign nothing" take us. Thankfully I am taking Kelly Rae's e-course which has kept me quite busy..hope you truly enjoy Greece.


  11. The picutres of Greece are just stunning! Makes me want to go-you are so fortunate to travel as you do!


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