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Monday, 24 May 2010

I did it!!!

You guys rock!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Seriously, I cannot believe how generously you shared your advice to help me get over my first-machine-use-phobia.  And I think you cured me!!  I started off with baby steps as advised by the lovely Anne at Craft Gossip Sewing, and then I realised how much fun it was, and just started whizzing along! 

Look what I made, thanks to you (and I surprised myself that I actually don't care they are all wonky)...

Stitched postcards...

A four-weeks-at-a-glance wall planner with interchangeable pockets (red thread inspired by Rebecca Sower - thanks for the intro Stella)...

A journal (thanks Lorrie - remember the little heart?)...

And some other bits and pieces too.  I am now officially in love with my sewing machine.

And I love all the blog and website links you shared.  So inspiring and lots still to check out. 

Did I say thank you SO much!


  1. i'm so impressed with everything you have made! those postcards are adorable!! i need to try my hand at them very soon! maybe we should start a fabric postcard swap!

    PS: quilting is just as easy! it's just cutting and sewing. you'll be a pro in no time!

    Go you!

  2. YAY! very impressive Beth. I love everything you made too. Cant wait to see your next line of gorgeousness unfold. :-)

  3. OMG! sorry i missed the previous post =-( but it looks as though you got lots of inspiration to get you started!
    i just love those postcards!! i would love to do a swap with you'll see what i'm doing when i launch my etsy shop this week and maybe you'll be interested in a swap??
    in the meantime, if you decide to do some clothing sewing feel free to touch base and i'd be happy to help you out - i've got tips to spare after working for the LA Opera =-)

  4. Woooo Whooooooooo!!! This is all so great Beth! You are a quick learner girlfriend!! Your journal is exactly as I made mine. I think they are fun and pretty easy. I am going to find a link to a journal I am dying to make, maybe we can do it together....I will email you as I can't find it at the moment.

    On the subject of sewing...guess what came in the mail today?? I got the cute package of Paris goodness from you! How very sweet of you to send this off to me. I love it and can't wait to sew something and use the cute extras for some unknown project that is waiting for those exact pieces!

    Oh...and I love that you used the heart!


  5. I love love your postcards! you could make anything cool with anything! good work with the new sewing machine!

  6. WOW!! You ROCK!!! Look at everything you made!

  7. I am IN LOVE with those stitched note cards-GOOD JOB!

    i have had my sewing machine out for over a year!
    not joking.
    and each time i sit to want to sew something crafty, not just a skirt or something...i get STUCK.
    thank you for asking for help because all of the lovely comments REALLY HELPED me out.
    can.t wait to see what else you come up with my dear friend.
    missing you.
    happy wednesday.

  9. WOW!!! Look at YOU! You are Rocking it Beth! I am so impressed by all of your talents! I LOVE those postcards. They look PRO! xoxo


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