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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lighting your entrepreneurial fire

If you want to put a rocket under your ideas and ambition, start or grow your own business or revolutionise your current business, and make your own choices and your own money, then you need to meet Danielle LaPorte. She is one white hot woman.  She made me think differently about aspects of my own business, and I wanted to share some of her magic with you.

(photo courtesy of Anastasia Photography)

Do What You Love interview: DANIELLE LAPORTE

Danielle is the creator of, and has brought out a new digital book, THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS, which helps entrepreneurs rock their career with integrity, audacity and their truest strengths. Danielle is a former news show commentator, and director of a Washington-DC think tank, where she managed a team of analysts studying global trends for the likes of the Pentagon and the World Bank. She is the lead author of the Amazon bestseller, Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design, and has been featured in Elle, Vogue Australia, Body + Soul, The National Post, Entertainment Tonight, and The Huffington Post.

 Here she gives us insight and some awesome advice.
1) At a time when we are just starting to come out of a global recession, you are encouraging entrepreneurs everywhere to blaze their own trails and set the world on fire. Why is it important and how does it feel to you?
Because liberation and self reliance are amazing things. Because cubicles are hell. Because the system is broken.  If you want to make lots of really good stuff happen, then that’s really exciting—for all of us. If you want to earn a living by doing meaningful things—then that’s exceptional.  This truth is most evident: we entrepreneurs, artists, and change agents define ourselves on our own terms.
Does it get better than that?!

revolutionise_purple_blog2) What do you want to revolutionise with the Firestarter Sessions?
My intention is that people will start heeding the call of their core desires. "Revolutionary" is basing your strategic plans on how you truly want to feel, not chasing external things and hoping they'll make you feel a certain way. "Revolutionary" is using grace as a measurement for success, and generosity as part of your bottom line.

3) What does it take to spark genius?
Hunger. An open heart. Flexibility.

4) What is your superpower?
Listening. I also have a knack for getting people just the right gift. But that goes back to listening...

5) What is the one piece of explosive advice you can give to entrepreneurs trying to transform their dream into a rocking business?
Let ease be your metric. Here's what I mean by that:
Using the "ease factor" as a metric for making right choices is counter-culture, of course. It’s been drilled in to us to work hard. Blue collar, white collar, dog collar—hard work pays off. Pay your dues. Put in your time. Prove yourself. Check the right box. Stay the course. Meet expectations. Train in pain, and then reap the rewards.

Doing what comes easily to you isn’t about shortcuts or cleverness, and it’s certainly not about making mediocrity acceptable. It’s about leverage. It’s about casting your seeds on the most fertile soil. It’s about your best chances for success.

I don't do it if it's not easy. That simple. That fun. That rad'.

Worldwide release of THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS is tomorrow! Sign up now, and set your business world alight

Link love:
You can find Danielle on Facebook, on Twitter @daniellelaporte or on her website

Now over to you...
What do you want to revolutionise? 
What do you find toughest (or what are you most afraid of) about going it alone? 
What do you love about it?  Why is it right for you
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  1. She is an inspiration and a kick-butt sorta gal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this interview and became interested and spent some time on LaPorte's website. She is very insightful, and what she says seems to apply to most work situations/life situations. I love her notecards too, by the way!

    Thanks for the inspiration this morning!


  3. Loving the Big Interview series Beth! So much inspiration and thought provoking ideas... just want to soak it all up. :-)

    Thanks for sharing. xxx

  4. I love the quote "It’s about leverage. It’s about casting your seeds on the most fertile soil." The whole work hard thing is something I always feel I am "supposed" to do even though it so obviously feels wrong and isn't who i am. Plus, it makes me create the worst art and make exhausting decisions. Still, living with ease sometimes feels lazy and unambitious, until I see it grow into something.

    I wish to revolutionize the idea that you CAN flourish as an artist.

    thank you for the inspiration!
    best wishes, juliette

  5. White Hot Truth is an AWESOME site and I've been inspired while reading some of her posts in the last few weeks.

    I want to revolutionize the concept of artists as UNORGANIZED, that art is SPONTANEOUSLY created and that only artists are CREATIVE; these myths are long overdue for some BUSTING DOWN!!

    i can be as organized as the best of them and to create ANYTHING you have to be...

    to create some works of art you have to start with an IDEA, THEME or CONCEPT, then figure out how to get there - this is NOT spontaneous action...

    I've met some very creative people who were bankers and bookkeepers - creative in the ways they lived or approached problems and anyone can incorporate that into their lives

    thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest - let's revolutionize the tired ideas of art and creativity!!

  6. What an awesome post! Totally gonna share it on my blog! You rock girl! Love your blog! You have a new follower!

  7. Great interview Beth. I really enjoyed it.

    I particularly enjoyed that notion of ease. I am really working on embracing that idea at the moment and letting it permeate my life.

    I love working alone. I feel really driven. The only downside is that I can get a little stuck in my head, and thoughts can turn on me. I'm getting better at managing them though.

  8. Oh, and I meant to say that I can't find your email address anywhere. I really want to say a huge thank you for my beautiful tin, and the other goodies. I can't wait to put the tin to use.

  9. The notion of ease got me too - why work 'hard' when you can work 'easy' - like Juliette said, not being lazy, just smart, productive and happy. Love it! Now let me just get my brush and sweep that guilt out the door...

  10. Thanks for passing on the link to the interviews! See you in class at the Flying Lessons e-course. -Robin


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