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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Playing with images

Capturing a fleeting moment in a way which one day will take you right back to that place, the smells, the sounds, the feeling. There is magic in photography. I love taking photos and I think something in me helps me take some sweet shots with the occasional flukey great one, but I don't really know why I like the ones I like, and I know there is so much more to learn. So I have just taken a class with photographer extraordinaire Susannah Conway (as part of the Wish Studio virtual art retreat), learning more about composition, light, and all sorts of other things I never really think much about. I photographed my cup of tea, and then played around with some editing tools. Which one do you like best? And which one do you like least? I'd love to know which and why.

Original photo:

Altered versions 1-12:













I quite like the original photo, but think altered version number 12 is my favourite.  I love the difference in texture either side of the diagonal line, and the pattern in the bottom right corner would make fantastic wrapping paper!

Photography actually runs through my family (right back four generations) so maybe this is just awakening something that has always been there... more on that another day.


  1. Beth, you are rockin' the diagonal! i like no. 12 too - feels so old, as if it's come straight out of a vintage newspaper... i think you should nurture that awakening... you're on to something good x

  2. Hi Beth, how fun! Number 10 looks very much like something from the 70s which I enjoy. Number 2 is very interesting to me, makes me think of enjoying a cup of yellow paint in the morning. But my favorite is a classic to me, which is Number 3. I love the softness of it. Looks very comforting.

    Hope you are having a great day.

  3. Beth, these are terrific! I don't know if I can choose just one! I think #6 is cool how everything including the grapes reflect the light and there is so much definition. Beautiful! You are onto something good!

  4. Hey Beth. Number 11 is my favourite. It look like a lino print.

    Number 1 and Number 12 are my other choices. I like the slightly washed out look.

    You are so inspiring. All these courses you are taking. It really motivates me to try new things. Thanks.

  5. Beth, this is AWESOME! What a cool skill to be able to manipulate pictures in such a way that you can change the mood and decade for that matter...My favorite is #10 because it looks vintage. #2 is also a close second...totally love that BOLD yellow!

    SO happy to see you exploring Beth and spreading your wings...

    Love, Danielle xo

  6. These are so fun!! I really like #10 too -- but I'm a sucker for anything that looks aged and vintage! I've been wanting to take a photography class for ages. This all looks so fun!

  7. I'm liking 10 for that vintage 70s feel and the way the soft colour is still there, which works for a cup of tea and pretty patterning. i like 12 too, but for the effect only, as in i wouldn't say it resonates with the subject and composition (since your cup of tea isn't inherently dark, victorian or noir, which is how this texture feels). lovely to see the experiments - a lot bubbling up there for you i can see.


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