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Friday, 9 July 2010

Adventure is good for the soul

I'm back from my little African adventure. 
I went alone but travelled in good company 
with people I found along the way.

I visited a prison,
played with a lion,
hung out with new friends and old. 
And I soaked up the energy of the world's football fans
dancing on African soil.

New places, new faces.
New perspectives.
New memories.
Nothing like a little travel to shake it all up.

What little adventures have you lived recently? 


  1. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. you have so much adventure in your life!

  3. Ooooh fabulous cant wait to hear more about your trip. I think my little adventure this week is not really going anywhere adventurous, but exploring my old art portfolios, seeing old friends and making new ones too, letting things come to me eventhough i am far from where i live but am home (life is so confusing when you live in another country!). Have a great weekend xxx

  4. Hey Betty, was the Prison Robben Island? How was it?

    I was recently asked which person at university I wish I had got to know better and I answered you. You are so much the coolest/craziest person I know.


  5. Hey George - what an incredibly generous thing to say!

    My visit was to a working juvenile prison, for 15-23 year olds. Not one you would want anyone you know to be in. Not sure they have had many adventures in a long time

  6. Hi Beth, I am always so in awe of your adventures. I really enjoy reading about where you have been and what you are doing.

    My most recent adventure was last night, my husband and I ate food we never heard of in a little French bistro, then we walked through art galleries filled with weird art.

    Certainly not as adventuresome as Africa, but with only two hours sans kiddos, not bad.


  7. meeting new friends and re meeting old ones. And a trek all the way to Wandsworth Common with my son!! We are living the wild side here goddammit

  8. You are an adventurer, and I love reading about your escapades.

    I was going to say that I don't think there's been much adventure happening in my world at the moment, but as I wrote it I realised that I'm just not seeing things for the adventure that they are. Winter does that to me.

    An trip to the Great Barrier Reef in August should well and truly fix that I think.

  9. dear Beth, How exciting your travels sound. I have not been to Africa lately but I do go to The Art Nest in Utah and took wonderful classes from Ruth Rae and Stephanie Lee. The weather was beautiful and we saw a Momma Moose and her 2 babies one night right out our back door.

    You are probably wondering who is this...I took The Artful Journey class with you under Kelly Rae and Mati. I remember you because you spoke so softly.

    I have followed your blog since but have never commented so I am trying to reach out and be more active in the artist community.

    I hope to open my etsy shop soon, write more, and baby my blog until it is more adult. Would love to see you at

    And I loved your postcard swap. What a neat idea to get to know others. I would love to do one too.

    Have a nice summer. See you soon on the web.


  10. What an awesome journey. You are so inspiring! I have never traveled to far off places but it is on my bucket list.

  11. I agree, travel is good for the soul. Since I've been travelling so much this last year, I am HOOKED! I look forward to seeing your pics.


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