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Monday, 12 July 2010

A dream about to come true?

I do believe in the power of wishing, and of visualisation, to help make things really happen (like it did here a few months ago). But sometimes some things just seem that little bit too big and too important to say out loud. I always have a niggling fear that speaking about the dreams you really really want to come true will somehow jinx them, and make them not come true after all.

That is why I haven't mentioned anything about our dream house until now.

(cute stitched keyring from the lovely Dear Emma) 

My man and I have been living together for some time, but in his place, not in our place. To his eternal credit, when I moved in he let me change a few things around (read ‘new wooden flooring, new doors, new paint on every wall, new furniture…’) and we have been happy here. But for a long time we have wanted a home of our own, that we chose together, with a little garden, space to spread out, and maybe even a nice big studio for me(!).

And then, all of a sudden, a couple of months ago, we found it. The perfect house for us, right now.

And then one serendipitous thing after another happened, which brought us closer to actually buying the house.  And guess what?  If all goes to plan, it will be ours next Thursday!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!

There is something very comforting about a house, with actual staircases. Having lived in a flat for so long, I cannot wait to go upstairs to bed! And downstairs in the morning, to make a brew and then sit in the garden having breakfast and chatting to the birds.

So please, wish hard for us that everything goes right and we get the keys next week, as is supposed to happen according to our dream.  And then I can invite you round for tea!


  1. How very exciting! My children think stairs are "the" marker for a fancy home. We do not have them, but our neighbors who have a very old and run down home do and my kids think it is wonderful over there. I will send my good vibes your way. I hope you enjoy all the decorating and arranging in your new place. (and hopefully you are able to create a nice studio for yourself there!)

    ps thanks for the birthday wishes today!


  2. OMG!! This is wonderful! I just know you'll have your dream house and in a matter of days...I am looking forward to seeing the home decor unfold here on your blog =-)

  3. absolutely wishing for you, beth! a HOME is such a wonderful thing :)

  4. Oh Oh OH WISHING VERY HARD! (I wrote our 'new address' over and over and over just to help make sure.....) fingers crossed it all goes swimmingly.

  5. Go Beth!!! Thinking of you next Thursday, hope it all goes through without a hitch! How nice to find a place to call 'home'! Warm thoughts from rainy Kyoto xxx

  6. About 7 years ago we wrote a list of all the things we wanted in a house in was;
    between 5-10 acres
    within 10 mins of town
    3 bedroom brick
    large deck out the front
    a long driveway leading up to a house on a hill. A couple of months later after the devastating death of my father I came into a small amount of money- enough for a deposit, we went straiht to the real esate and she showed us a house that had been for sale for a year,it ticked every box. we looked at nothing else, it was and still is our dream house ( it was really run down land wise and painted hideous colours with a wall in a dumb place etc) We have met a few people now who came to look at it when it waas for sale and cannot beleive what we have done to it. It was meant to be ours. the house waited for us. I will be sending big crossed fingers out nto the universe for you both! x

  7. oh this sounds so lovely! i hope your dream house is yours to enjoy for many years! please keep us posted!


  8. I believe dreams do come true - and I am sending many positive thoughts your way for this wonderful dream of yours. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. My heart soars when people like what I create. Do keep us posted about the house!

  9. So exciting....sending over lots of positive energy for your dreams to come true Beth. I long for a house too with stairs and a garden... oh cant wait to see yours. xxxx

  10. Oh wow, this is sooooo exciting, Beth. I hope all goes smoothly and look forward to seeing all the photos as you make this new place a true 'home' for you both.
    Wishing you much joy and peace, plus many precious memories.
    Hugs xxxx

  11. Fingers and toes, and everything in between crossed for you. I can't wait to hear that you have it.

    Loved reading Chunky Chooky's comment too. Magic.

  12. I send out all the love to the universe for your happy home to be what your dreams are made of...and I ask the same for me as I am now in need of a home and a new life xxx create and enjoy xxxx


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