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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hot new talent: Graphic Design

I’m not much of a techie but I love seeing what talented people can do with a Mac, and the Graphic Design graduates of Leeds College of Art are no exception. Their final year show included some stunning work, and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you

Introducing...Jonathan Chapman aka Mr Yen
24 year old Designer who uses paper to illustrate and communicate, currently freelancing, creating paper cut stationery and paper cut products that are stocked in a variety of galleries and shops around the UK with talks of having some of his work stocked in Australia.  Jonathan's work is exquisite - amazing to think it is all hand-cut.

- Most important thing I learnt at art school: To experiment with a range of ideas and concepts before settling on a final one as it is usually the experimentation process that reveals interesting details you would not have found out unless you had experimented!

- Most important thing you learnt outside class: To be as organized as possible. I am still working on this, but organization really does help to create a balance of work and play and planning time effectively gives me more time to do what I love

(images courtesy of Jonathan Chapman)

Did I mention I seriously love this guy's work?  You can find his creations here, follow his blog here, or check out his Etsy shop here  You can also see more of his work on his Flickr pages here

(images courtesy of Jonathan Chapman)

Introducing...Claire Nicholson
23 year old Illustrator/Graphic designer, currently launching herself into freelance illustration

(image courtesy of Claire Nicholson)

The most important thing I learnt at art college: Making your work appropriate to the brief you've been set, and adjusting your style to suit it. Another thing I've learnt is to draw/note down your ideas as soon as you have them, even if it's on a receipt or a napkin because it's easy to forget them... particularly if you're blessed with a sieve-like memory like me ;-)

(image courtesy of Claire Nicholson)

The most important thing I learnt outside of class: Definitely to speak to as many other designers as you can. Making friends and contacts is one of the best things about it I think. And check out as many blogs as you can, not just the ones directly related to your field, but other arty/designery stuff because it can spark other ideas. One of my tutor's fave expressions is "You can't design in a vacuum" and I think he has a point there

(image courtesy of Claire Nicholson)

 Find Claire on Flickr, Society 6 and Behance or check out her website

(image courtesy of Claire Nicholson)

Introducing... Angus MacPherson
25 year old Graphic Designer mainly working with typography and print, about to move to the big smoke (London) to find work at a design agency

Most important thing I learnt at art school: To believe in what you do

Most important thing I learnt outside class: Look after yourself. Eat well and don't go out drinking every night!

Check out Angus's website here

If you liked this, see here for the pick of the Printed Textiles and Surface Design work, also from the Leeds College of Art final show.

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  1. Wow Beth--fabulous posts! I could spend days wandering through the links you provided. I'm going to come back after the retreat and check them out some more. Thanks so much for sharing!


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