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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Joining in some creative summer fun!

Just wanted to share a couple of cool things I am joining in with this summer, in case you fancy having a go yourself.

The lovely Louise over at Dream, Inspire, Create has launched a 'Creative Color Challenge'.  It's a great idea, and gives you a bit of a steer for creating but also gives you a lot of freedom to play with juicy colours.  I will be sharing what I make over the next month right here.

Image: from Louise Gale

And Susannah Conway has just launched the 'August Break', a photo blogging challenge for the summer - so I will try to share a photo (nearly) every day in August. 

Image: from Susannah Conway

And I am also trying to keep up with learning some new techniques from the very talented Claudine Hellmuth.  Her class '@ Home with Claudine Hellmuth' is very cool.  I will share some of the things I make over there in the coming weeks too.

Image: from Claudine Hellmuth

What creative challenge are you setting yourself this summer?


  1. oh dear...i have missed you.
    i much needed the summer break from the heat, but am now trying to catch up on all the reading of my favorite blogs...YOURs being one of those. i just got my postcard as well as i just went and retrieved all my mail. it.s so cute. i will post it soon.
    LOOOOVE all that you are doing to inspire yourself and others.
    i just hope you know how much i appreciate your friendship and all your encouragement and cheerleading.
    you are thee best my dear.
    huge hugs to wonderful you.

  2. I cant wait to see your creations on all of the above and I just saw Susannah's challenge too, so I think August is going to be a VERY creative freedom month for us all. BRING. IT. ON. YAY. 8 more weeks to go, 8 more weeks to go! Getting excited about seeing you & Squam can you tell :-) Xx


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