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Sunday, 12 September 2010

for the love of trees (and sculpture)

A visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park does wonders for the soul.  500 acres of stunning parkland, with internationally renowned sculptors' work dotted here and there.  You can picnic by a Henry Moore, hide behind a Barbara Hepworth or get lost in the forest near the David Nash stairway.  You can even take an outdoor class in bronze casting.  And it is free to get in!

My man and I had a lovely couple of hours strolling through the land, making up stories about what each piece really meant, and sheltering from the rain in the cosy shadow of the big trees.

These two made me feel a bit funny - all those holes (above) reminded me of cheese, and the shapes below made me think of a Playdoh MopTop Hair Shop. 
Not sure that was the look the sculptor was going for... 

This ancient yew tree was amazing, just perfect for climbing when no-one's looking...

And this ash installation had sensors built into the ground, so when you walked inside, sounds came from speakers hidden in the woods.  On one hand it was as if you had company, but on the other it was a bit scary, as if the sounds were part of some kind of ritual going on deep in the forest.

Not sure if this was a sculpture or just a cool tree that had decided to shape its trunk at 90 degrees!

There are four indoor galleries too.  These works by David Nash were complemented by giant charcoal on canvas drawings.  Quite imposing in the big white space.

I love trees, and everything that comes from them, especially paper.  These sculptures were warm and calming too, sitting happily amongst the living trees of the country park.

Have you read 'Wildwood - a journey through trees' by Roger Deakin?  If you love trees, you'll probably love this book too


  1. I love Yorkshire Sculture park. Before my mother-in-law died a year ago, we used to go up to Thirsk, every weekend from london! So we used to take an extra day every so often and pop and spend the day there....pressure release! glad you enjoyed itxlynda

  2. Thank-you so much for the tour in the park... I heart TREES so much I can`t stand it! Thank-you for bringing me along... Would love to see it all in person one day... xo

  3. Wow. I reckon that park looks awesome. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. the photos are awesome.
    ~Stopping by from SITS

  5. Hi Beth. Love YSP too, one of my favoutire day out places. It's quite funny that I came cross with three people posting about YSP on thier blgs this week! Must be a hot spot? xm


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