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Friday, 24 September 2010

Reflections on Squam: I dreamed a dream...

… of a place where I could sit on a rocking chair,
on an old wooden deck,
looking out over the stillness of a lake

... where I could think

… listen

… soak in nature

... create

… dive in*
*literally, at 5am. It was icy but I felt so ALIVE

I found that place at Squam Lake, New Hampshire, with a warm family of old and new journeymates.

Thank you friends, for opening your hearts and sharing your laughter

It was a most precious time


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Squam round up


  1. I loved spending Squam with you. It's like I just had a giant love affair with that event and all it came with. It was so nice to spend some time together, share meals together, and chat about dreaming. Lovely lovely lovely.

    So. What's next? We apparently just have to dream it up. That's how it works, right? ;)


  2. looks like a magical time was had by all. Can't wait to see more revealed here...

  3. Lovely photos and so happy to have met you and shared time with you in such an amazing space. Can't wait to do it all again! xo

  4. what great photos and a wonderful opportunity!

  5. I was so happy to share the Squam experience with you! I loved all the laughter and conversation. I hope we all keep dreaming big dreams!


  6. It was so nice meeting you at Squam. Your blog is beautiful and your life inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. You have inspired me. xo

  7. Beautiful. Makes me v nostalgic for my old New England home. London's wicked right now, fashion week and this beauty: The London Craft Show - showcasing amazing contemporary crafts, check it out: Stunning! Safe onward travels. x

  8. love all the picture reminders of Squam. I recognize those shoes, I think you were in Susannah's class with me on Friday.

  9. Great pictures - thanks for sharing them with all of us. It was nice to meet you in Susannah's class!

    - Lily

  10. Very nice. Thank you for sharing :)

  11. looks and sound just too amazing for words...oh to have one in the uk eh?

  12. Diving in at 5am sounds great! (but not for me...)

  13. Diving in reminds me of summer camp as a kid..burrr..but fun! Lovely photos and blog :)

  14. SO FANTASTIC to have spent time with you. Love Squam and your photos are divine, cant wait to see more of them. Safe travels xxx

  15. Beth, I just love the quote you have in the about me section of you blog! I certainly try to remember that myself. AND your photos are so great! Lovely job :) Very nice meeting you in Flora's class :) Keep in touch!


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