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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

On friendship

This week I was visited by a wonderful old friend.

She is exactly 12 years older than me which, 
being one full cycle of the Chinese horoscope,
is apparently very lucky

When I first moved to Tokyo,
a young stranger blinking in the bright lights of the big city,
she gave me a place to sleep, 
a fellow English girl in Japan
(Let's not talk about the fact I had only known her a week,
and ended up staying in her spare room for four months.
I was nicknamed 'the little squatter'..)

When I wanted to change jobs,
she gave me awesome career advice
over a bagel on a park bench
(and then introduced me to my next boss)

When I left the city for a round-the-world voyage
she let me leave all my junk at her place,
and lent me her beloved suitcase

When I returned from my adventures,
tanned and exhilarated but with nowhere to stay,
she opened a bottle of champagne,
threw me a party at the cutest little restaurant in town
and gave me her key (again!)

When she had her first baby girl,
she made me her godmother.
What a gift.

She has an amazing talent for making small things feel big and special
and is so generous with her energy and kindness.
I wish everyone had a friend like her.

Yesterday she came to visit.
We caught up, told stories and laughed until late.
My turn to pour the drinks and give her the spare bed.

I am not sure if she realises just how treasured she is.

Where would we be without friends?
Have you thought about yours lately,
about why they are so special to you?


  1. Wonderful, wonderful post Beth. Thank you!

  2. She sounds like a Wise Woman! I love my Wise Woman - she has provided such unconditional wisdom and support in time of need in my life and I'm now beginning to return the gifts, though I know she would say it's not necessary. She has been a great role model and I am now able to be Wise Woman for others...

    I do believe that having a Wise Woman in one's life is so important - they really are treasures to cherish =-)

  3. How lovely! I knew who my friends for life were when we all went our separate ways after we had finished school and then when we found each other again (years later). It was like had never been away from each other. The support, the laughter, the conversation, it was still all there. Thanks for a wonderful post Beth :-)

  4. Your post made me teary. I have some great friends and some of the best ones live so far away that I don't see them very often. I cherish the moments that I do get to see them in person for real!

  5. Your post touched me. I've been thinking a lot about friends lately. I've been blessed to have some special people touch my life and I am thankful for each of them.

    Your story about your friend is beautiful

  6. this is a beautiful friendship tale. i am so happy you made me think about old friends that could probably use a call to hear me tell them that i love them.
    thank you my friend.


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