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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What will you make of 2011?

It’s nearly 2am and I can’t sleep.  Rain is pounding on the skylight and the air is filled with the sweet fragrance of camomile tea.

This isn’t how I planned to start my first post of 2011, but there is so much swirling round in my head it is hard to think straight. Ideas, plans, and a buzz of excitement about the possibilities. But also the shadowy doubts (are my dreams just too big?), endless to-do lists and looming deadlines (Already? It’s only January 5th!).

Running your own business tends to do that to you. I wrote on Facebook earlier today that I love not having a real job, in the 9-5 sense of the word. And I really do. But when it’s not 9-5, in your head it can end up being 24/7.

I have spent the past few days hidden away working on my plans to make 2011 a big year (of course those dreams aren't too big!). It’s going to be a long and winding road but I just know the view from the top will be amazing, if I can just make it there (and enjoy each step along the way).

How about you? What kind of a year do you want 2011 to be?
How are you going to make sure it turns out that way?
Wishing you a very special year filled with adventure and discovery!

By the way, I have been busy working with some talented folks on a shiny new website for the Do What You Love retreat, and my blog will be moving there shortly. So excited to share this with you – stay tuned for the new address – I hope you’ll join me there very soon


  1. Beth, I'm so excited for what 2011 holds for you. No way are your dreams too big for you. They are perfect.

    I can't wait to follow your journey, and of course I'll definitely be joining you over at your new blog.

  2. Oh sweet Beth... Happy New Year! It is so nice to finally connect with you. First I have to say THANK YOU for the incredibly beautiful art you mailed me. I am in awe of your work - so lovely! I will be framing it and hanging it in my office. I am so happy for you - you are making your workshop happen! I had such a great time chatting with you in Hoboken, NJ that day and I'll be sure to remain connected with you as you move your blog over. Congratulations my dear friend I know we will have much success in 2011, I look forward to what comes our way! No goals are too big for us ♥

  3. I am in awe of how much you have accomplished in this year! It is so wonderful that we started our year by going to AAJ, it really was more than I could have imagined. And what a great thing to do again this year!

    I am making changes this year that will help me to enjoy life in a bigger and better way. Health, friends, creating, and dreaming are all on the top of my list.

    Glad to see you in Misty's class! So fun!


  4. Similar to you, lots brewing. Its exciting and overwhelming at times. Love that you are dreaming and working towards your dream. Here's to lots of energy. x

  5. so excited to see what your new shiny website will bring us in 2011. you AMAZE me as well with all that you accomplished. i am so happy we met in 2010 at aaj. i wish i was going to be able to reconnect with everyone there again, but please dish out the hugs and kisses for me.

  6. Hi, Beth! I have the same problem with 24/7! Although I love it as I always think about the things that I like, it makes me tired from time to time. Aaaagh! (I hope to get on that 'time-management' on day!)
    I expect a lot from 2011 too! I FEEL it will be a big year, big steps, big changes... I will do my best to be active and have my eyes open, as I'm not sure how all that will come true. I just feel it... So, I'll just do my best to not miss it, when the time comes!
    (PS: I too had no holidays, no time to take a deep breath, and am feeling tired. Not good I guess, but let's hope for the best. I'll take it slow next week).
    All the best and wishing you a good start of a new year!

  7. Happy New Year Beth!!! My head is swimming! I need to get organized. Too many things and ideas and directions to go. I am still working a full time job and trying to find time to create. I have to slow down a bit.
    I can't wait to see your new website.


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