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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Child's play

Introducing... Grandma Spoon (with her hair curlers still in), Lady Spoon, Wizard Spoon and a Spoon Alien (with a feather boa?!)

Hanging out with four-year old nephews is so much fun!


  1. Hi Beth! Where I have I been?? I realized (realised for you) that you just started a blog, but somehow I missed getting here in my usual blog trek. You are a woman speaking to my have the whole art thing going on and then you add history to boot!?! Love it! I will be visiting more see you here!

    Oh, and I love the spooners...


  2. Hey super spoons! I love childs play too so much adventure and creativity. xx

  3. hi dear...
    great idea.
    one time i had a group of teenage girls who were doing "secret services" for other girls their age.
    secret sisters.
    at the end of the project i had them all make a "spoon sister" that looked like their "secret sis" to reveal who they had.
    it was hilarious
    thanks for reminding me of that.


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