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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Knitting for good

Yesterday I added my two stitches to the world’s biggest knitted textile! Force of nature Ingrid Wagner had brought her 4-metre long(!) needles to the Twisted Thread Stitch and Craft Show at Olympia, showcasing her particular style of ‘big knitting’ and raising money for Breast Cancer Care.

Ingrid holds the Guinness World Record for knitting with the biggest needles, which were over twice as long as she is tall! She said that it made her feel like she was a character in The Borrowers – either that or she was knitting a scarf for a Big Friendly Giant…

Ingrid also makes divine wall hangings and rugs out of this 'big knit yarn' which is about 4cm wide

Watch out for the giant needles coming to a town near you, and knit a stitch or two for Breast Cancer Care. There’s nothing like women supporting women.


  1. YUM!!!
    beth...this ROCKS!
    the only thing i can knit is a straight a scarf, so i give EVERYONE scarfs but NOTHING else. i would feel REALLY awesome like i could accomplish something MORE than scarfs if these needles came to arizona....i.ll keep my fingers crossed.
    GREAT JOB dear friend.
    i would LOVe to just stick those yarn balls in a bowl and stick it out for decoration on my coffee to my funky chunky book of course.
    loves to you.

  2. this is awesome! as a knitter, i'll definitely keep my eyes open for this event if it come to town =-)

  3. Those are huge- I have never heard of this and am super excited to look it up- thanks and nice to meet you- Ren


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