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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Noise in silence

What better breath of fresh air during the working day than a quick gallery fix? One of the most wonderful things about London is that apart from special exhibitions, all the museums and art galleries are free, and no-one tries to sell you anything (except when you exit via the gift shop...).

Anyway, finding myself at a conference near the financial district, I snuck into the corner gallery of ‘Bloomberg SPACE’ to see Damien Deroubaix’s contribution to the new Comma series of special commissions. 

Enitled ‘ A place to lose oneself’, the blurb says ‘The visual noise that Damien Deroubaix energetically orchestrates in his paintings, sculptures and woodcuts is overwhelming: brutal, deafening, sharp and dissonant.’

His piece is a tree.

But somehow it is more than that. It is an angry tree, and in the silent white gallery space, it really does create visual noise. Not my 'taste' and perhaps not the most peaceful lunchbreak, but certainly a thought-provoking one

It made me think about what makes me like some art and not other, and in the end I think it comes down to whether it speaks to me, tells me a story, and whether the colours and textures draw me in. 

How do you know what you like?


  1. i wish you could take a picture of that tree - i'd love to see it...

    how does one know what one likes?? mostly by seeing as much art as one can, then you'll figure out what you like over time. art books are helpful since they contain LOTS of artwork by artists, but sometimes there will just be some work that makes you go "WHAT?!??" =-)

    i find this happens with much contemporary art - finding the story can be difficult, if there is a story ;)

  2. I love that you ask how we know what we like. I am drawn first to colors. And then I am always looking for some feminine touch. I think that somehow what I like touches me personally and inspires me to think and ponder. I have favorite "masters" of art, but my favorite contemporary artist is Flora Bowley, check her out and let me know what you think.


  3. funny timing dear beth as i just posted about a piece that "spoke" to me. i wish i had a good answer but i don.t, for me it.s an intuitive one. does it make me FEEL something? does it stir an emotion? are the colors just killer? is it something i WISH i could do?
    thats a really good question and one that im gonna go and think about today.
    i am super envious of your opportunities to experience such an abundance of art around you!
    you are a doll!

  4. i'm usually drawn to art that brings about some kind of emotion, so usually it's color and just an overall wave of feeling i get from a piece. strange that it's nothing specific. so fun that you get to visit all of those wonderful galleries and museums. enjoy it all! xoxo, juliette

  5. Hellooo, for me it is about colour and shapes and i think the idea that i could just look at it everyday and see something that inspires me, makes me happy or has something different to tell me. Enjoy all those wonderful places.... miss them....when im over next i think a little field trip is in order. :-)


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