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Monday, 1 March 2010

The pictures speak for themselves...

A sample of the delights created by my 'An Artful Journey' classmates:

by Chrissy Gardner - don't you think this looks like the cover of a chick-lit novel?

by Mindy Lacefield - watch out for this girl!  So original

by my studio neighbour Lorrie Spotts

by the very creative Ann Deakers

by our favourite Englishwoman in New York Louise Gale

gorgeous creation by Holly Carson

Check out some of the other lovely ladies' work on their blogs: Peggy Krantz, Cathy Kirwan, Stella Singleton, Andrea Thinnes, Danielle Fraser, Davi Huffman,  Monica Moran, Debbie Williams, Tiffany Moore

Back soon with some of my own creations!


  1. "Chick Lit" book cover!! i love it!!

    so glad you got pics of Mindy's and Ann's work; i'll be linking back to this post when i write about them this week =-) i did get a couple of pics of Holly's but will still link back here for that too...

    so much amazing work created - i love it!!

  2. you are the best.
    love your photos.
    i love that we all took such different views of our own perspective.
    isn.t that amazingly wonderful.
    wish i was in london with you today.
    loves to you.


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