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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Travelling light

(18” x 22” mixed media on canvas board)

She skipped the streets of Paris with a tiny bag and happy heart.

For those few magical days she was truly travelling light.

Bit of technical joy - I am SUCH a non-techie so am currently feeling a quite ridiculous glee at somehow having managed to make my very own blog gadget (see heart in top left corner).  More to follow on this soon, but basically I think starting with believing (and saying out loud) that you are an artist is one of the most important steps in becoming one for real.  Feel free to take this and attach some arty love to your own blog my friends

And the winner of petit Parisian giveaway #2 (featuring this lovely material) was Mrs Spotts! Email me your address and I will send you your little red prize. Look forward to seeing what you make with it!

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  1. Oooh lurve your little blog gadget how fun and so true, if you believe it, live it, dream it, it will surely happen as that is where your heart is taking you. Sorry i've missed you this past week or so, im off to catch up on blog posts..... xxxxx

  2. Oh BETH! I LOVE your latest little beauty... She feels so alive and I adore the bangle and butterflies...

    You are SO right about saying it. I have also started to say it...and, it's starting to feel real, to be real...

    Thank-you for sharing your blog gadget...I know how much work these things are...

    PS. Please send me your address so I can send you the necklace that you have won.

    Danielle xoxo

  3. to one of my favorite ARTISTS!!!
    yes! YOU!
    loving your gal. love her ambition to get it all in!
    she is determined and sassy and light (because she wasn.t prepared for her surprise journey which made it all that much more magical!)
    i love your gadget. i would be SUPER DUPER proud of myself if i could do that. i have tried and failed, so that makes you all the most amazing in my eyes...(and you were pretty high up there anyway!)
    i just might be brave and add it to my blog too.
    congrats to lori and em both...both LUCKY winners.
    keep inspiring beth...

  4. Well hello and YAY for me! Beth, it was so sweet of you to run a contest for fun. I will love using these materials and thinking about them as they travelled on this fun adventure with you. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOOOVE when something has a story!

    Now about that painting...I just adore it. I love that I want to look at it to really see the details. You are amazing. I will be emailing you in a bit...


  5. Thanks so much ladies, your inspiration and support is gold to me. I have always been nervous about showing my art work, always wondering what people will think and whether they will get what I was trying to say when I made it. Your comments mean so much.

    And I love doing giveaways for fun, wrapping them up and posting them off on their merry way around the world, connecting my story to someone else's. Definitely more of those to come!


  6. This is a wonderful piece, and I love the prose that goes with it. It's sensational.

    The blog button is very clever. Isn't it amazing all the new things you learn when you start blogging.


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