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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bloom True

Thought I’d share a piece from a series I am working on – ‘Bloom True’. The smells and colours of the emerging spring made me want to paint flowers.

Acrylic on canvas (20"x16")

Recently I was introduced to the incredibly talented Flora Bowley in a post by Lorrie Spotts, and instantly loved her work.  I was intrigued to then discover she is teaching a workshop at Squam in the autumn, entitled… Bloom True! It felt like a sign so I have recklessly signed up for Squam and will be heading back to the US for more creative fun with lovely American gals later in the year. I have also signed up for a photography workshop with Susannah Conway and wabi-sabi paper with Judy Wise. Anyone else going? It’s going to be so much fun.

But for now, I am living in the moment of gorgeous sunshine, long mountain bike rides and painting – bliss. Happy weekend!


  1. lovely painting, Beth =-)

    wow! it sounds like your creativity is truly UNLEASHED!! looking forward to reading about your time at SQUAM =-)

  2. I am green with envy. I found Flora Bowley via Lorrie as well and fell instantly in love also. However, I won't be heading to Squam this time around. I hope you have a magnificent time. That is so great that you are going.

  3. I am really going to try to make it to Squam! I love Flora Bowley. It would be fun to see some Artful Journey Alums! I will let you know.

  4. wow! beautiful!
    visiting via mondo beyondo :)

  5. you might like the work of Claire Basler...some of her flower paintings are really magical. I think she was just featured in Elle Decor U.K. (

  6. YIPPY for you!
    i was all registered for squam by the sea and then a little bird flew in the window and whispered a few things and the next thing i know, i'm heading off for "brave girls camp" in october in stead.
    i know several folks who are going, so i.ll have to give you the heads up!
    how fun!
    wish you were going to be close to arizona?????
    huge hugs missy!

  7. WOOHOO then ill see you there! (Sorry so behind in my blog reading). Very exciting. I was going to sign up for that class and didn't now im gutted. xx

  8. Yay! look forward to meeting you in class, love :)


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