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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Shopping in Paris & petit parisian giveaway #2

On my happy wanderings through the streets of Paris I discovered one gorgeous shop after another - sharing some of them with you here...

Textiles and ribbons in Montmartre...

Ribbon: Mercerie Saint Pierre, 6 rue Charles Nodier, 75018 Paris
Fabric: Les Tissus Laik, 1, rue de Steinkerque 75018 Paris

Stationery, ahhh stationery...

Papeterie Laffitte, 27 rue Laffitte, 75009 Paris

Beautiful cards from amazing print & paper workshop Intaglio, where I made new friends in the inspirational owners Stefan and Anna:

Intaglio: 91 rue de Lemercier, 75017 Paris
and 3 rue de Fleurus, 75006 Paris 

Dreamy candles from the original Diptyque shop in St Germain des Pres...

Diptyque, 34 boulevard saint germain, 75005 Paris

It wouldn't be Paris without some gorgeous food shops...

A sneaky crepe or two for the hungry shopper...
(hazelnut chocolate - this one's for you Chrissy!)

Some lovely flowers...

And then to Sennelier, the most wonderful art supply shop on the banks of the River Seine.  Established in 1887, Claude Monet might even have bought his brushes and paints here...

It is AMAZING.  If you go to Paris please please please go there, you will love it!   And come back next week to see what I painted with my lovely new supplies...


And so to the giveaway.  The lucky winner of the cute biscuit tin from giveaway #1 in this blog post is...  Cathy!  And I have just realised that she is also known as Tinnie Girl - how appropriate!  Cathy please mail me your address (to and I will get it sent down under.

Petit Parisian giveaway #2 is for the French equivalent of fat quarters, from a lovely textile shop in Montmartre.  You can win one of these...

(each is 0.25m x 1.1m)

Just leave a comment below, and tell us all whether you would prefer to have the red set or the green set and what you would make with it, and I will put your name in the beret for a chance to win!

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  1. I just found your blog. I enjoyed seeing and reading about the beautiful shops of Paris. Is this giveaway open to worldwide readers? I am in the US. If so, I like the green set and I would use to to make embellished towels. Thanks!

  2. Ohhh Beth...I would totally lose my mind in the stationary and ART supply boutiques... Perhaps one day we shall stroll arm in arm together breathing in all the creative delights...

    The RED would make me dance! :)


  3. ohhh that food looks so good and is making me hungry (yummy!!!)

    i would love to have the red set....really pretty. :)

  4. I'm making a list of places to go in June!! so exciting! I love Paris...I would make pillows for our bedroom with the red ones!

  5. べス

  6. oh your pictures are swoon worthy. i'm reading a book set in paris right now and it's really tempting me to book a long weekend there. i'd be happy with either FQ set. Either color would make a lovely baby quilt, of which I need to make three! for friends who are having kids.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Opps! I am not sure what I pressed but my comment has been deleted!

    I have enjoyed your pictures so much Beth! I love seeing what you saw as you walked the streets in Paris. I especially love getting a look in all those wonderful stores. My credit card would need some major recovery time after the workout I would have put it through if I was hanging out with you there!!

    As for that material...I love the red. I would use it in bits and pieces to make several projects. My quick ideas, pot holder, certainly a journal or two, most likely mini blanket for the zhu zhu pets (those are my daughters toy hamspters), and finally I might try making an apron, using a bit for a pocket or two. (this have been a project I have had in mind after seeing all that wonderful sewing from AAJ)


  9. Hey Beth!
    Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!
    We are off to Paris this August as our son Kei is nuts about the city so we thought we'd take full advantage! That art shop looks amazing, thanks for the tip, we'll drop by come the summer.
    Great blog, wonderful images - keep up the great work!
    Hugs from (rainy) Kyoto

  10. Hello - just to say the giveaway is open to all. I am in England but you can be anywhere in the world...

  11. I had to grab a napkin because I was drooling on myself watching your shopping spree!!

    I love the green set and I would use them in collage!

  12. ohhh ribbon and stationery. crepes. itaglio looks fab. will have to add to my list of paris must sees. did you buy any random bits of ribbon? a girl's gotta have random bits of ribbon, as i'm sure you are well aware.

  13. OH my goodness! You captured all the eye candy that Paris has to offer....event he hand written price tags are inspirational! Thanks for flying over to nest...robin

  14. I've just emailed you. I'm so excited about winning the tin. What a lovely surprise.

    Your time in Paris looks absolutely amazing. You certainly know how to make the most of being stranded, and I love that you do.

  15. Dear Beth,
    Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog this morning. It really warms my heart to connect with fellow dreamers across the globe!
    AND you have been galavanting around my favourite city. I am hoping to make a visit later this year and will definitely be investigating the stationery and painting treasure troves you have uncovered.
    Thank you for your gorgeous perspective.
    Much love to you on your exquisite journeys.
    Kat xx

  16. beth dear...
    i just wanted to tell you that this was one of the best posts i have read on the blog lately!
    i LOVED it.
    it brought me right back to paris and oh how i wish i could go again when i wasn.t a naughty college student. i would appreciate the art and the ambiance so much more now.
    what a wonderful mistake of fortune that volcano gave you!
    we would be great shopping buddies.
    lace shops and candles and stationary and art stores galore!
    and you KNOW that we are crepe sisters now!
    next time eating nutella and crepes girlfriend!
    thank you so much for sharing these pictures.
    it was simply LOVELY!
    you are wonderful!


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