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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Paris, je t'adore! + petit parisian giveaway #1

I love Paris for many reasons, but not least because you can be whoever you like.  You can be...

... a movie star

... a musician

... a bride

... an artist

... a gossip

... a sunworshipper

... a grafitti artist

... a skyver

... or just yourself

What would you like to be in Paris?  Share your thoughts below and have a chance to win this cute little biscuit tin from the amazing Le Cure Gourmande sweet shop.  Names to be drawn out of a beret later in the week!  Will post anywhere in the world...

(19cm x 13cm x 7cm)

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  1. Beth, you lucky girl! It looks like you had an amazing time.

  2. absolutely ... a photographer! glad you had a great time! :)

  3. i want to be a resident!!!

    miss you!
    glad you are having a lovely time.

  4. on holidays! flush with cash! hungry! an artist!

    That tin is divine.

  5. I would love to sit at a cafe and write in my journal, pick up some flowers and baguette bread and ride my bicycle to my apartment where I will get ready and put on la plus belle robe to go out and dine with friends... The following day I would lazily get out of bed and meet friends pour un cafe and then head to le musee D'Orsay....ahhh Paris...I will call you home someday! xox

  6. Oooh i'd love to be there without electronics just for the day! I've never been to Paris can you believe that! But like Danielle, love to be in a flowy dress on my bike, wind in my hair...with baguette in basket, (and a bottle of red of course) meeting friends for a picnic. xxx

  7. A historian :-) so nice reading about you Beth. We will be in Paris for a week in the middle of June - I can't wait!! Big hug xx


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