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Monday, 23 August 2010

At home: Welcome to my studio!

"Pick one room and make it yours.
Go slowly through the house.
Be polite, introduce yourself,
so it can introduce itself to you."
(borrowing the words quoted by the lovely Louise Gale as a comment in response to this blog post)

So that’s what I am going to do. Introduce myself, then introduce you, room by room, bit by bit. As we start to make friends with our new home. 

Here is a peek of the first one – my studio.  Won't you come in?

At one end it has this sweet fireplace, which will be great when winter sets in.  I have just put up this picture for now while I work out what to do with the space above the mantelpiece.  Any ideas?

Here's my painting/making stuff table.  There is an easel in the corner but I like making a horizontal mess!  The glass table is actually more practical than it looks - it provides a brilliantly smooth surface for painting and is easy to cover, but also makes the most of the space in the room when it is uncovered. 

The wooden floorboards were reclaimed from an old school gymnasium.  They are full of marks and stories - you can almost see generations of children jumping over benches and off climbing bars (and maybe even sneaking a first kiss behind the pommel horse). 

There are three big windows like this so they let in lots of light

Handy storage for my art supplies, and just enough space to squeeze blank canvasses underneath

No such thing as too many art books...

These old picnic hampers make great storage for my sewing stuff - fabric, ribbons, thread for the things I am slowly learning to make!
And there's the lovely painting from Judit at Pilgrim of the Moon (I talked about it in this post )

One of my inspiration boards.  This one includes prints by Juliette Crane and DJ Pettitt, and my Soul Collage cards that I made in California back in February

I think the paper obsession, stationery obsession and book obsession may be linked...

Finally I have somewhere to put all my bits and bobs - paper ribbon, buttons, lovely shiny things

My little bonsai friend (in need of a haircut)

My reading corner, and all important stereo - 
a girl's gotta have tunes to paint to!

So there it is, my new studio.  Would love to have you all come over to create and make mess.  What's your creative space like?  What's on your inspiration board?


  1. Lovely! Cant wait to see you create a mess. :-) I love everything about it, wooden floor boards, cupboard space and the comfy chair in the corner is lovely next to that window. So exciting you have all that space. My studio is just such a mess its still too early to show to the world! (im a messy creative!). So sad my artwork seems to be lost in the mail.... would be lovely to see that on your wall too. :-(

    Cant wait to see you in a few weeks to get messy at Squam! :-)

  2. WOW--I'm really impressed and inspired. What a beautiful studio! And, I can totally relate to the book obsession. I love the story of the floor--what a creative way to bring the positive energy of children into your space. I love that you have a fireplace--how cozy. And a reading corner, great idea--I think I need to add that to mine for sure. Congrats on your blog! I look forward to reading and seeing more--I can tell you are a talented and creative writer.

  3. Lovely space you've got Beth. Looks so comfortable too. And I'm with you for much of art book absession. Happy creating. xm

  4. Hi there, I'm a fellow Flyer just popping in to say hello. Your room looks peaceful, bright and uncluttered, making it ideal to contemplate and create. I love table; I too like to spread out when I'm working and glass is lot more practical to clean up than wood. And one can never have too many books. ;-)

    By the way, thank you for sharing the advice given to you 'many moons ago'; it was one of the most interesting 'about-me' profiles I have read recently.

    I look forward to dropping by again.

  5. Hi,
    Coming over via Flying Lessons...

    What a beautiful space you've created! Thank you for sharing it with us here.


  6. what a wonderful environment you've created for your artistry Beth! I love every bit of it - it's SO inspiring!!

    I like the painting you have over the mantelpiece now. I think it looks just right, but if you are thinking of changing it you may want to create a special artwork honoring YOU to put there and create a sort of "altar-space" to you the Artist =-)

  7. Fantastic. It looks so peaceful for an artist. It looks so calm. Love it. Where is the bay tree?

  8. I love this look into your new studio. I can't wait to see a picture of that table with all your art stuff out. I agree that glass is a perfect choice. Easy to clean too. What part of England are you in? It looks like you have some nature outside, and I remember seeing a picture of a river or stream earlier.

    Can't wait to hear more about your house. Maybe you can take some pics to share at Squam...and maybe we can sneak in a shopping spree for actual stuff or just some fun ideas to take home. I see that there are several little boutiques nearby.


  9. I am just SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! its gorgeous!! xxx

  10. huge, wonderful room and I love all the peaceful colors and textures everywhere. The windows were my favorite!! I'm so glad you are sharing this with us- I know that studio is going to see some awesom fun, ideas, and paintings.

  11. dear beth...
    please get some paint on that glass table.
    it is just CALLING for it.
    and seen you work dear girl...i KNOW you can do wonderful magical things with a paintbrush!
    i LOVE your home.
    looking forward to meeting the rest of the rooms but i must say that starting with the studio was a perfect choice.

  12. how beautiful! i love that you have my sing your song print up on your inspiration board! that's so amazing and wonderful! your space looks incredible and so ready to be created in :)

    best wishes to you, beth!

  13. Hi Beth, your home looks beautiful and your reading corner looks great - bet you could sink into that seat and gaze out that window for hours.


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