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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Overwhelmed by kindness

Housewarming gifts and cards have been pouring in before we have even had the chance to send out our new address to most of our friends.  We have been overwhelmed by the kindness.  Here are a few of the things which have made my heart leap in the past couple of weeks, and which are indeed warming our new place:

  • A bay tree by the back door (I have dreamed of this ever since doing postgraduate study in the beautiful Roman city of Bath several years ago, where all the houses are honey coloured stone and many have bay trees outside)

  • A gorgeous original painting all the way from Spain, created especially for my new studio by the lovely Judit of Pilgrim of the Moon - so kind!  Thank you Judit - how did you know the colours would be perfect?

  • Flowers, flowers, flowers - these are now all over our house!
  • A hand-stitched picture of the Chinese character for love
We were also showered with welcomes (and vital rubbish-disposal information!) from our new neighbours, a new bird feeder for the garden and cards and messages galore...  I feel full of love for the world today!

Thank you everyone!


Photos of the house to follow shortly I promise...



  1. what lovely housewarming gifts! I'm so happy that you now have one of your hearts desires: a bay tree =-) Bay leaves have such a wonderful aroma, especially when being cooked in a tasty dish!!=)

  2. That's wonderful Beth. Hope you can continue and grow the happy feeling with your new house in the future. Love x m

  3. Such great gifts, and wonderful friends!
    The light in the flower picture is so beautiful!


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