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Tuesday, 3 August 2010


How come the things which make us happiest often stress us most along the way?  

I am exhausted from the move,
from all the unpacking,
from the decorating, 
from trying to make it all perfect
from day one.   

But today,
we just stopped,
dropped the boxes,
and shut the door. 

We left the paintings unhung,
the books unshelved,
the shoes un-put-away. 

And flopped.  

Given the small inconvenience of not having a sofa until September,
that actually meant we flopped onto the floor.  

Still, the icecream tasted just as good sat leaning against the wall.

And as we sat laughing,
surveying our new home,
the aches started to fade,
the excitement returned 
and we remembered what it was all about.

I think we're going to like it here


I am rather late to the party for Susannah Conway's August Break (a new daily photo challenge which started on August 1), but better late than never! 
This month I am going to aim for more photos, less words, so keep a look out for a peek into my August (including some shots of our new house, once we have unpacked a little more!)


  1. amen sister.
    i am in full agreement.
    i LOVE that you weren.t tired enough to notice that the ice cream STILL tasted as sweet.
    you are such an inspiration to me miss beth.
    loves to you AND your new abode.

  2. that is a good question you begin with...good thing there's ice cream to lessen the stress ;)

  3. you sound so happy. i can't wait to see your photos and your new home! enjoy your time, it's so sweet:-)

  4. Ahh i had a little picture of you sitting against your new wall with your icecream, cant wait to see photos and what a joy its all yours (and your mans of course).

    The trick...(quote from one of my favourite movies)...

    "Pick one room and make it yours.
    Go slowly through the house.
    Be polite, introduce yourself,
    so it can introduce itself
    to you."

    You are about to embark on great things in your lovely new home. Enjoy. xxxx

  5. Oh yes... sometimes you just need to STOP and give your mind and body a break. Then it seems so much better when you start back at it. Can't wait to see some photos!! :)


  6. Hi Beth, I love your photo.
    I've hopped over from Susannah's list for the August Break. Nice to meet another Brit Blogger.
    Hope you settle in swiftly after your move.
    I'll be back to see more of your August pics.

  7. I am so looking forward to your pictures! My moving day (now almost nine years ago) was a fiasco which still cracks me up today. (moving truck stuck in a ditch, gas leak in our new house which evacuated half the block, dropped hamburgers which we all ate without even wiping off the dirt) So, my blessings to you as you are making your first memories. They have already begun and I am sure that you will fondly remember your ice cream and the fact that you started without a sofa. (though it will help to think this once you are actually sitting ON your sofa!! haha)

  8. I understand how stressful the moving a house is! Done many time since being in the UK. You did well by resting yourself. You need it! Enjoy the every moment. xm

  9. You're here... you've arrived. woo hoo!! Enjoy these wonderful special moments as you set up 'home' together... its often these that provide the energy and impetus to get through the unpacking/decorating etc!! wishing you much joy!
    Hugs xxx

  10. I'm so glad you took time to smile, reflect and eat icecream- but really- i'm anxious for the pics so get back to work! lol


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