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Friday, 6 August 2010

Shoes and memories

One of the best bits about unpacking and sorting boxes of stuff is rediscovering all the stuff you already have.  It's like a shopping bonanza without spending any money.  However, it also slows down the task somewhat, as you think a little about each thing you pull out of the cardboard boxes.

As you can see, I quite like shoes and am trying to find a place to put them in the new house... 

However many times I have a clearout I can never bring myself to throw shoes away, so I end up keeping them for years.   For me shoes - especially the really impractical but gorgeous ones - spark memories. 

...The day I wore those sparkly flipflops on the beach in Brazil when I first tried surfing
...The night I wore the really high silver heels with a long tangerine dress and danced until dawn with my man
...Even the slippers I wore to climb the Great Wall of China back when I was 19, having rushed out of our Beijing hostel in a sleepy daze to catch the 5am bus, forgetting to actually put on a pair of proper shoes

You can see why it takes me a long time to unpack!

What do your favourite shoes remind you of?


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  1. Love shoes! I have the same "Problem" although I did manage to giveaway many pairs of shoes a few months back (and just loved watching everyone choose and take them with delight from my front garden where id placed them for people to take) BUT i have kept the ones that spark those memories, weddings, beach holidays, kayaking (disaster shoe incident). Enjoy the lovely trip down memory lane and introducing them to a new era. :-) xxx

  2. do not throw away any of those sparkly and or strappy shoes until I have had a chance to draw them, ok? good. have been longing to find a shoe hoard to rival my sister's one (which is currently parked in stockholm) so you just keep em handy you hear?

    I'm a thrower awayer of clothes and shoes, alas, but textiles I will not throw away. the shell print sarong my sis brought back from her days chefing on on a yacht in mozambique, my sarongs from thailand, the bit of javanese batik I found in an amsterdam fleamarket, the cloths my best friend and I bought in a remote hill tribe station north of Mae Hong Son in way are those ever going anywhere near the recycling!

    great the way you are savoring the unpacking process - don't be in a hurry over this at all.
    x T

  3. I love the beige/nude ones in the middle!
    My shoes remind me of hikes in the Grand Canyon and my boots remind me waltzes on wooden dance floors with my Sweet Farmer.

  4. Oh! my god! how many shoes!
    I have only one heeled shoes..... took them three hours at a wedding of a friend ......
    in box is written: destroys women.
    My 1.76 cm, and feet that have done a lot of sport,prohibit me Use pretty shoes!!!!

  5. i never thought of myself as a 'shoe-gal' until i realized how many pairs i actually have!! the funny thing is that i tend to have memories of shoes that are long gone, not the ones i now own...i guess it's another paradox!! ;)

    reading about your memories is lovely though =-)

  6. mmmm, my wedding day. i had red puma sneakers, custom-designed on the puma website, with baby blue laces. every time i lace them up i think of that lovely backyard fiesta.

  7. I had this pair of Zodiac cowgirl boots that I absolutely loved and wore for almost two years straight in my 20s. They took me to fun bars, dancing on tables, a trip through Europe on my own, to college, to falling in love, to falling out of love (repeat a couple of times over), to late night beach bonfires, and they moved with me to several apartments until somewhere along the way I gave them up. But I always have missed them. It is my only shoe give-away regret.

    Your posts are so fun Beth, my married life with kids and a stable job is great, but I need to remember my spunkier days!! So, thanks for keeping my memories fresh while I hear about you making yours!


  8. Cool shot of your gorgeous shoes! When I go through old boxes I do the same thing... savor over each thing in the box, like it is a new gift. :)


  9. some lovely pairs there...i tend to always wear the same over and over again until they wear out and then onto the next...but yes, its been a while since ive put on my fancy dancing shoes!!

  10. i love seeing all of these fabulous shoes! i'm definitely a red shoes girl, i think nearly every pair is red, mostly red patent. it's been my favorite since i was a kid and reminds me of living magically like the wizard of oz :)

  11. I love this picture of your shoes. So many different ones.
    This kind of lighting always evokes nostalgia for me, as does moving house and packing/unpacking. I agree with you, it is fun to unpack your stuff and rediscover it, and then start to imagine how you will use it in your new home and your new life.

    Hope you're settling in well.


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