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Thursday, 5 August 2010


I love to travel yet I love to nest (especially right now!)

I love to be surrounded by people yet I love to be alone

I love extremes and excitement, yet I love calm

I love to dive in, yet I love to sit back and watch

I love crooked old houses, yet I love zen minimalism

I love adventure, yet I love the comfort of what I know

I think we need to appreciate our own paradoxes to be true to all parts of our selves

What about you?


This month I am joining in Susannah Conway’s August Break, sharing daily photos of my life this August. Why not check out who else is joining in, or have a go yourself?


  1. hi there Beth,

    yes... I love your list, I agree with them all... I feel exactly the same way.

    the yin and the yang I guess...


  2. You know the weird thing? Is I loved everything you loved! I love a spotlessly clean house and I love to make a big mess in it. I love old people with wisdom and little kids with none.

  3. ah yes, the inherent paradoxes we all carry within funny we humans are to love both sides of the coin!! ;)

    i love having plans to allow for spontaneity in my life - how paradoxical is that?!?!

  4. A beautiful post Beth. I'm with you in this. each word sinking in my heart now... xm

  5. I love to throw parties, but then I want everyone to go away.

    I love to be busy and have lots to do, but I love to just sit and do nothing.

    Paradoxes are so much a part of my life. Your list really resonates with me.

    Really nice post. :)

  6. I was just talking to Ms L about this very thing yesterday. Noticing two contradicting aspects of myself and their coexistence. The very nature of balance I guess.

    A lovely post for me to read today.

  7. I could have written this post!! Totally. :)

  8. Ah yes this makes so much sense!

  9. Beautiful verse, and very true!
    Being true shows us the way and gives meaning to our own reality.
    Being open to accept that is as important as being open to new possibilities. Beautiful blog, and keep enjoying and being who you are as you are shining beautifully. :)


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