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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


When you move somewhere new, you start each journey from a different place.  We only moved 10 minutes from where we lived before, but I have started to see things I never noticed before.  Like this gorgeous stretch of river.

What have you discovered near your home recently?


This month I am joining in Susannah Conway’s August Break, sharing daily photos of my life this August. Why not check out who else is joining in, or have a go yourself?


  1. OH! I HAVE MISSED YOU! It seems like EONS since I have been plugged in... I am here to stay now, so I will be happily keeping track of all of your happenings and learnings and teachings...

    I have recently been enjoying a little creek I have found in suburbia where I live. I walk the edge of the creek and pretend that I live in an enchanted forest.

    Much LOVE,

    Danielle xo

  2. Helloooooo, I recently discovered a sculpture garden in progress from some local cool is that. I always try to walk a different way whenever i venture out into the square mile that is this town and discover so many quirks or new exciting things in progress. Happy exploring. :-)

  3. a crazy mannequin man on top of a scaffolding! (see photo here)xxxx

  4. Saltash has lots of face. Nowadays we found lots of walking river side. Some parts are over grown wild bush like jungle. Maybe next few weeks we can start picking up blackberries and slow berries. I feel how lucky we are living such a wonderful area. Sho


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