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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Squam round-up

There was a lot of laughter on this trip. In my last post about Squam I just wanted to share some of the (many) lighter moments.

Travelling to the retreat in style…

You can imagine our faces when Leroy and his mobile home rocked up to pick Louise and me up from the bus station. Not quite the shuttle we had been expecting, but we were delighted to find it filled with tea and biscuits and friendly new faces.

Wondering how apt it was that my cabin should be down this road…

Feeling lucky to share a cosy cabin with such wonderful ladies (Nina, Sylvia, Jayne, Kirsten, Brittany + Steph who is not in the picture)

Getting lost in the forest in the middle of a torrential downpour late at night with six girls laughing madly (our cabin was called ‘Wayonda’ for a very good reason). It looked something like this...

Admiring the work of fellow artists Andrea and Jess at the Visions of Squam exhibition at Mocha Rising in the cute nearby town of Centre Sandwich

Thank you Squam Lake for having us, and thank you Elizabeth for bringing us together


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PS advance notice that THE GREAT BIG STITCHED POSTCARD SWAP IS BACK! It will launch on Tuesday 19 October, bigger and better with more sparkly bits – watch this space…


  1. Love it! I practically LOL-ed when i saw that picture of me looking out the window of our "shuttle"! hehe. Great post and so much fun at Squam. Ahhh memories. xx

  2. Squam is such fun!! One day i hope i get a chance to experience it too! Thanks so much for sharing this with us...very inspiring and fun to read. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. I love the picture of Louise in the motor home. So silly! I can't wait for your postcard swap!

  4. Hi Beth ! Love the picture of Louis in the window....made me smile immediately. Thanks for posting the photo of me and the boots and for stopping by "let it fly" to let me know :) I've been enjoying your words and photos here regularly now.....hope you are well and feeling inspired....
    back soon!


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