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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bloom True class with Flora Bowley

Do you know Flora Bowley?  If not, you should!  Flora is an incredibly talented artist with a unique beautiful style, and a gifted workshop teacher.   She is a happy, spontaneous free spirit, and that is the way she paints.  She is also a ridiculously cool person who is great fun to hang out with.  I was so lucky to take a class from her in the US. 

Flora Bowley shows the second layer of a painting.  Flora's creation evolved into the bird below

It is hard to describe the workshop I took with her in the woods at Squam, I just loved it so much.  Although we were taught to explore a painting method very different to the way I usually paint, it felt really natural to me.  Rather than visualising something and painting it, we created layer upon layer, teasing out images that emerged organically. 

Layering it on

The lovely Jess Greene examining her creation

My paintings (above and below)

My paintings were really far from the kind of things I have created in the past, but I felt strongly connected to them, not least because they reminded me of my dreams the night before the workshop (wierd!)

It was also a lovely thing to see Lorrie Spotts living out her Mondo Beyondo dream by taking a class with Flora.

If you ever get the chance to check out an exhibition or take a class with Flora, do it! 

November 2010 update: Flora Bowley will  be teaching at the Do What You Love art and creative enterprise retreat in Yorkshire, England, in May 2011!  For more details see here or sign up to the newsletter on the right hand side.


  1. LOVE Flora. Had such an amazing time in her class and Beth i think your creations are wonderful, seeing them in person at Squam - all the better. :-) She really is so inspiring, funky and a true kindred. xx

  2. I come from the Flora web, simply WOW! My heart has leapt.
    Beth, absolutely amazing your paintings! Congratulations.

  3. Oh yes to one day taking a Flora Bowley class. Your paintings are stunning. I love how they are still so strongly you, even though they are a different style.

  4. Wow! Finding this blog post was such a sweet way to wake up;) Thank you, Beth, for your kind words, enthusiasm and open heart. It was really a pleasure to meet you and watch your lovely mystical paintings unfold at Squam. I look forward to our paths crossing again...I have a hunch they will!!!

  5. Dearest Beth... Your new paintings are beautiful! What an amazing feeling it must have been to paint under the sky surrounded by trees... I will have to add Flora Bowley to my Mondo Beyondo list... I miss you! xo

  6. Thank you for introducing me to Flora. Love her work and LOVE the paintings that you did in her workshop. Beautiful~!


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