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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Big Dreams, Small Wonders

Although it can be hard to find time amongst all the holiday preparations, December is a great month for looking back, to create the time and space to spend January looking forward.  It is so easy for time to fly past without acknowledging both the big things and little things that have happened along the way, so this month I am taking time to reflect on the 2010 journey.  More of that to follow soon...

In terms of looking forward, I have treated myself to spending some time in January dreaming, planning and setting an action plan to make the most of the exciting year ahead in 2011.  I have signed up for Louise Gale's shiny new e-course, 'Big Dreams, Small Wonders', to help me do this.  Won't you join me?

Find out more on the Big Dreams Small Wonders website here, or in this great interview with Louise, by the ever-inspiring Danielle Fraser.

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