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Friday, 3 December 2010

Internationally-renowned book artist Rachel Hazell to teach at Do What You Love retreat in England (May 2011)

(Image credit: Kelly Whybrow)

I am hugely excited to announce the second of the three fantastic art teachers who will be joining us for the Do What You Love art and creative enterprise retreat in Yorkshire, England next May. Rachel Hazell, known as 'the Travelling Bookbinder', has made a career of creating extraordinarily beautiful books in extraordinary places - from lighthouses in the Shetland Islands to on board a ship in Antarctica.

(Image credit: Rachel Hazell)

Joining us from Scotland, Rachel will share her love of all things booky in her workshop 'Maps, Charts and Other Discoveries: An Extraordinary Expandable Sketchbook Journal'. Rachel invites you on a literary quest of folding, following lines, cutting, composing, gluing and constructing.

One step at a time, with plenty of demonstrations and fool-proof exercises, there will be opportunity for wordplay and expressive adventure. Spread over three days, there will be time to make a literal and metaphorical journey. Building pages of content and layers of meaning into an utterly unique work or art that is private, personal, portable, precious and presentable - a papery expedition of exploration and discovery!

NB: It is likely that much chocolate will be consumed during this workshop...

(Image credit: Shannon Tofts)

Rachel Hazell’s motto is Read Make Love Books. She believes that everyone has a book inside them.  Rachel has voyaged far in pursuit of good book art, and with three book-related Masters degrees and a plethora of teaching experience, Rachel is looking forward to another adventure with you.

More information will be available on the Do What You Love retreat website to be launched in December. This retreat will be cosy and intimate – small enough for everyone to get to know everyone - so places are strictly limited. Registration will formally launch with the new website in December, but if you want to be the first to know about it (and get in on the early bird discount), sign up for the new Do What You Love newsletter up on the right hand side of this post.

American painter Flora Bowley and British mixed media artist Priscilla Jones will also be teaching at the retreat!  See here for more info


  1. Your new seminars just sound soooo delicious ~ I'm sure they will be a great success!

  2. how do l sign up..where and how much?xxl am so excitedxxlynda

  3. OH! that book arts class sounds fantastic!! I will have to look up Rachel Hazell to see more of her work - I LOVE installation work of any kind =-)

  4. It's gonna be so super Awesome ... Congratulations

  5. this sounds fabulous too! congratulations!!!

  6. Congratulations Beth on hosting what sounds like an awesome retreat!


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