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Monday, 6 December 2010

The day I met the future King of England

Last week I had the privilege of meeting newly-engaged Prince William, the future King of England.  Wow, what a lovely guy he is.  I have never been a huge fan of the monarchy, but meeting him changed that.  I got the feeling he understands what real life is like, and all about.  I just know he will make a great King. 

I couldn't resist but ask him about how he proposed to Kate Middleton.  He blushed and said he was so nervous beforehand - in case she said no!  In case she said no??  She is going to be a princess!  Of course she wouldn't say no!

I think I'd quite like to be a princess.  How about you?


  1. love that photo! what an awesome experience! and so cute you asked about his engagement :)

  2. I'd love to be a princess, I think. Being American (and married already to my own prince), there's a slim chance of it ever happening. :)

    I think I'd also probably just faint if I ever got to meet Prince William. I'd be so nervous, and also totally starstruck...although hopefully I'd faint AFTER I met him and not before!

    What a great picture!

  3. Crumbs. I would have totally swooned.

  4. Oh my goodness! Incredible experience! I'm jealous.

  5. You are always surprising me Beth! What a fun and fantastic picture. I think your country's Prince William is quite handsome, but I am not one to like the center stage so I would not like being a princess. I would not mind the crown jewels though.


  6. Wow girl, you really get around! I bet you'll have some great stories to share when you visit here in February. Maybe I should plan an "Adventures with Beth" activity for AAJ! I love hearing about them all, so thanks for sharing them with us. xx

  7. How exciting to have met Prince William! I love that you asked him about his proposal...I may have to watch the nuptials when they take place! =-)

  8. *Love*. Great photo sweetie. I do like him and wow to have met him in the flesh. Fab you asked him about the proposal, brilliant! xx

  9. WOW Beth... What an AMAZING experience and you have a beautiful picture to prove it! So excited for you and I totally enjoy reading about your worldly adventures! You go girl! xo

    you never cease to amaze me dear beth.
    love you.


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