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Friday, 17 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas #5: Throwing a Christmas dinner party

The house was filled with merry laughter, chinking glasses, and christmas songs from bygone days.

We were dressed up all sparkly and festive*

We dined by candlelight in my studio, transformed into a winter wonderland of silver and white.

We feasted on a roast, sweet mince pies, handmade truffles and pints of steaming mulled wine.

We shared stories and secret santa presents by the open fire.

There's nothing quite as cosy as a Christmas dinner party with friends and festive fun on a cold winter's night.

How are you keeping warm this winter?

*see, I'm working on self-portrait bravery!


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  1. What a wonderful celebration. Everything is so pretty. Including you... all sparkly and festive! Beautiful photo! :)

  2. Just gorgeous - the pics, the evening, the fire...wish I had been there!

  3. Oh! the table is a delight...
    Beth ....fantastic !!!

  4. Dearest Beth, you are RADIANT in that photo! A lovely dinner... it all looks so sophistocated. I am just about ready for an "an adult dinner" myself. Happy Hiolidays my dear friend. Enjoy this very special time. xo

  5. Many thanks for all the lovely ornaments you made me. I can't believe you gave me soo many! I love the motto of your blog. Something I try to live by.

  6. Oh it reminds me of times gone by!


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