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Friday, 29 October 2010

Anyone else love New York City? Part 1: NYC people

Living the NYC artist life on a stall with Jenny (Overallbaby), Dolores (Marikit Deisgns) and Louise (Dream, Inspire, Create) at Atlantic Antic in Brooklyn - I could get used to this!

and enjoying have Anna-Marie Still come to play

Do you love NYC too?


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE New York and LOVE where i live in Hoboken also (a little bit quieter and a great place to contemplate!). There are so many interesting sights to be be seen in NYC and I think your photos of the people above are great. :-) You should definitely visit during the Halloween season, your eyes would pop right out! Have a fab weekend xx

  2. NYC is fantastic! Such a wonderful mix of people and an amazingly creative vibe 24/7.

    I imagine Louise is right, I would love to be in NYC on Halloween.

  3. it beyond words. If I could live there I would. It feels like to home to me.

    Love your pics :-)

  4. I have never been to New York YET...but it is on my shortlist of places to visit. Thank-you for giving me a taste and for reminding me to put it at the top of the places to visit, explore and dream... xo


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