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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Exploring New Hampshire

One sunny day, no schedule and rumours of an art exhibition.  Perfect ingredients for exploring a new town.  This is what Lindy, Louise and I found in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (quite a different place from the Portsmouth I know in southern England!)...

Public sculptures

Paper treasures at the Gus and Ruby Letterpress paper boutique

A little cutie inspired by the work in the Enormous Tiny Art Show, drawing on the blackboard wall at the Nahcotta Gallery (which sells great gifts by the way)

A great diner with an odd name (The Friendly Toast) and pictures like this on the wall

Signs like this (and got to love that clapboard building)

And things that probably only I think are pretty because I am a tourist, like this

Coffee and cakes (obviously)

Time to chat

After what I wrote in this post it seems odd to include this photo of me, but Louise and I had just had an awesome creative business brainstorm and this picture reminds me of it (and makes me excited about what is in store in the coming weeks and months!)

I'll probably be heading back this way next year.  Any tips for other places to explore in New Hampshire?


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***PS: Advance notice that THE GREAT BIG STITCHED POSTCARD SWAP IS BACK! It will launch next Tuesday 19 October, bigger and better with more sparkly bits – watch this space…


  1. Thanks for the tour! Your girls look beautiful with your long hair in the wind! Two strong women planning their creative empires! xo

  2. I am looking forward to joining in with your stitched postcard swap idea this time! x

  3. I felt as if I were there through your gorgeous photos. And adore the one of you and Louise!! Beautiful...

  4. What a lovely post, Beth. Thanks for taking us on a guided tour. I'm your newest follower and have added you to my blogroll. I found you through Laura. J x


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