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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Flora Bowley to teach at Do What You Love retreat in England!

I am absoutely thrilled to share the news that American painter Flora Bowley will be teaching a three-day workshop at the Do What You Love art and creative enterprise retreat in Yorkshire, England next May!

(Image: Tyson Robichaud)

Flora's painting style is gorgeously unique, bursting with colour and beauty, and she is an incredibly gifted teacher.  The one day class I took with Flora a while back was one of the most freeing days of painting I have ever experienced.  So you can imagine how exciting it is that Flora will be travelling to Europe specially for this workshop, where participants can sink into three days of indulgent creating with this wonderful free spirit. 

In "Bloom True - wild and delicious painting with Flora Bowley", the class will explore a whole new way of painting from a space of freedom, non-judgment and experimentation. This process is about loosening up, letting go of expectations, having fun and allowing paintings to unfold naturally. The class will paint on giant canvasses, with access to acres of stunning countryside for inspiration and outdoor classroom space.

If you are able to join us, I can promise you will never look at painting the same way again.

'Freed' by Flora Bowley, acrylic on canvas 36" x 36"

As part of the retreat's creative enterprise sessions, Flora will also share some of her experience in making it as an internationally-acclaimed professional painter, who has licenced some of her work with Anahata Katkin's 'Papaya!'.

'Thirty-six' by Flora Bowley, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"

Flora lives and works full-time as a painter in Portland, OR, where she is inspired by magical forests, abundant gardens and a thriving community of fellow artists. Flora’s love for life and spontaneous nature are clearly visible in her vibrant, easily recognizable paintings. Throughout the year, Flora enjoys travelling, teaching workshops and painting in colorful locations around the world.

More information will be available on the Do What You Love retreat website to be launched in early January.   This retreat will be cosy and intimate – small enough for everyone to get to know everyone - so places are strictly limited. Registration will formally launch with the new site in early January, but if you want to be the first to know about it (and get in on the early bird discount), sign up for the new Do What You Love newsletter up on the right hand side of this post. 

Internationally-renowned book artist Rachel Hazell and award-winning mixed-media artist Priscilla Jones will also be teaching at the retreat.  For more info see here


  1. I've loved Flora's work since the first moment I discovered it a couple of years ago. This retreat sounds so fantastic!!

  2. So excited.... I adore Flora and really loved taking her class at Squam this past September. Beth this all sounds so wonderful. xx

  3. I love Flora's work and I love the fact that you've been putting together what sounds like an AMAZING retreat!!! I do hope to be there.

  4. so exciting! i just LOVE flora's work!

    xo, juliette

  5. That is so awesome! I think I may have to come to England! 3 days with Flora would be amazing!

  6. You know I love Flora! She is just awesome! Had the pleasure of taking a workshop in Philley! So amazing!

  7. Beth, I'm so proud of you organizing this! This looks like it will be amazing. Keep up the terrific work... all the best from germany, tj

  8. So wonderful. I so wish I could be there for this lovely event! I really hope to someday take a class with Flora. I really admire her work!

  9. I saw a picture of her in the Squam Journal and have cut it out to put in my dreams journal as the example of how I want to be in my studio! Looking fowward to hearing more about the retreat.

  10. OH Beth!!!!! She is on my Mondo Beyondo list!!!! You just may see me in England afterall with this amazing learning opportunity. Her ART transcends me! SO excited for you all all the participants who take part in her class. Your ART Retreat is going to be FABULOUS!!!

  11. This is so exciting. I was amazed when you wrote about the workshop you did with Flora - I'd never seen her work before and I just totally fell in love with it. Oh, I so much want to come!!!

  12. thanks beth....
    this is THEEEE worst tease you could give. as if coming to ENGLAND wasn.t bad you throw in flora....
    i MUST find a way to join you.


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