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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New York part 2: My kind of city

In this penultimate post about my recent trip to the US, I want to share some images of this captivating city.  There is an incredible air of possibility about this place, and so much to feast your eyes on...

If you are a fan of NYC, what is it that draws you to it?

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  1. I'll tell you Beth apart from the beauty, my favorite part of the city is how small you feel in NYC. All the people and the tall buildings. Sounds strange I know, but it puts it into perspective that you are just a tiny piece to one giant puzzle.

    Oh and the pace, I love that everyone is in a hurry. Everyone seems to be getting something done. Big things seem to be happening in NYC all around you all the time.....It is inspiring.

  2. I am a fan of the "apple" and because I grew up in a small town in CT. we would take regular trips into the city. I think what I love most is all the faces. I am fascinated with all the differences in facial expression, features and color. Beauty is out there in so many forms and New York is an incredible place to people watch!

  3. Let me tell you that those photos are beautiful and capture the city. I love New York City. It has always been my dream to live in NY City at some time of my life. I will do it yet. My husband and I when we retire we would like to rent an apartment for at least 6 months and just feel the energy. Yes, that is what I would say it is like to be in NYC. It is energizing. I feel alive that I am where everything is happening. So many possibilities.

  4. dearest beth...what did you do to get such BEAUTIFUL photos? i have only been to NYC once and it was wonderful. i, like heather above...LOVED the energy. i loved the city feel. i loved the buzz. i stood on the top of one of the twin towers just months before it fell, so that is a really wonderful memory.
    sure love you.

  5. oh how I love NY!!!! wonderful post!!!

  6. SO amazing pictures! beauty of a very special kind!


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