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Monday, 22 November 2010

Countdown to Christmas #2: Making tree decorations

Christmas is going to be very special this year, as our first one in our new house.  As part of Louise's ornament swap, I thought I would make some vintage-style hanging tree decorations to share. 

Here's what I made and how I made them, inspired by an idea in Ideal Home.  They are easy (and cheap) to make and look sweet hanging up. 

Step 1: Choose a variety of coordinating decorative papers and cut them into 8cm x 4cm strips (you will need six pieces for each decoration)

Step 2: Fold each piece in half lengthways, and then fold the corners inwards (with the folded edge along the bottom)

Step 3: Fold each piece in half so the folded corners are together

Step 4: Insert the points of one piece into the 'pockets' of another (you should have a double-sided pocket next to the folded corners)

Step 5:  Continue doing this to build up a circle

Step 6: Tie several finished circles together with twine or ribbon, fix with a brad and hang on your tree...

What are you hanging on your tree this year?

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  1. thanks for shareN ... most everyone has paper ...

  2. great idea. I love how they look antiqued in your photos. I have to go dig through my paper...........;)

  3. Thanks for this super simple tutorial!! So true as SonyaMac says - everyone DOES have paper and this is simple enough for children to do =-)

  4. Nice! Since I am one of the few who doesn't have patterned paper, I think I might try to make some with fabric...I have LOTS of that! Thanks!

  5. These are lovely! and so is the tutorial, ill be posting mine soon also. Wonder who the lucky recipients will be. :-) xx

  6. Oohh I like the sound of trying it with fabric, good idea quiltzyx!


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