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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Taking to the streets in the name of art

Steaming cappucinos, yards of bunting, warm welcomes, gorgeous art by emerging artists and the chance to poke around people's houses - what's not to love about a local arts trail? 

I discovered some gems on the inaugural Headingley Arts Trail this week, not least the vibrant paintings of Julia Keates, inspired by her travels across the world.  Here are some of her works on display in her lovely home, where she paints in her large attic studio.

Have you discovered any local artists near you lately?


  1. Here they do Artists Open Houses every may. And sometimes a Christmas mini version as well. Its utterly brilliant. I discovered and artist I love called Emily Warren. SHe's genius.

  2. love the large scale of that artwork! looks like such a fun time! and that capacino looks divine :)

    xo, juliette

  3. That window photo is fabulous. I was getting my hair trimmed recently and there was this gorgeous art hanging everywhere. It turns out the owner of the hair salon also paints. I will take my camera next time I am there.


  4. So great having a poke around isnt it! We have a open studio tour here in Hoboken which is fab. Adore all those little bottles in the first photo. :-)

  5. yes...and you already know her. i met juliette and we both have our artwork at the same little store......and now i think i want t learn how to paint her owls :)

  6. Beautiful paintings in a wonderful setting, Have a sweet day!


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