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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Chicago city magic

Having fun with my photos from Chicago,
the last stop on my recent US adventure. 
They aren't my normal style. What do you think?

The top two are of Anish Kapoor's amazing sculpture 'Cloud Gate' in Millennium Park. The third is of a smaller sculpture in the same park ('Sacred Rock', part of a special exhibition by contemporary Chinese artists), and the last picture was taken at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

If you like any of them, I'd be interested to know which and why...

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  1. i'm really loving #2! it's such an awesome sculpture in person, but in the photo i love that there's a focal point and then other things around it that my eye is drawn towards. the manipulation also takes it out of context and makes me think it's an other worldly cave :)


  2. I'm not sure why I like this one the best but the second from the top is very very cool. Little pods of people :) and I like the black and white thing you have going on!

  3. Very cool pictures! The second one is my fab.
    Boho Market Blog

  4. yep, the second on is my fav. as well!

  5. I too love the 2nd one! They are all awesome, but that 2nd one with the people in it. It makes me want to say "How did she do that?"
    The 3rd one is cool too. It makes me thirsty. It reminds me of an ice cube. They are all fantastic!

  6. These are super cool Beth! I love No 2 it reminds me of "caving" or some kind of exploration. :-) Love Chicago myself, the blue water is something that stays in my memory from past trips there. Looking forward to seeing your other photos too. x


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