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Friday, 19 November 2010

Do What You Love interview: Juliette Crane (with my first podcast!)

I am delighted to bring you this Do What You Love interview with mixed media artist Juliette Crane

"autumn wind"

Exactly one year ago tomorrow Juliette had her first showing at a local library. One year on and she has fans all over the world, and is about to be published in Somerset Studio. If you want to know how she has done this in such a short space of time, you need to listen to this interview!

"sing your song" (I have this one in my studio)

Juliette also talks about her process, her gorgeous whimsical style, and the importance of creating in her life. Dive in and enjoy!

"fresh from the ocean"

Click here to listen (it is about 25 minutes long):      

"she stands out"

See more of Juliette's work on her website, her Flickr page and in her etsy shop, or connect with Juliette on her blog, facebook or twitter

"beauty in prayer"

Thank you so much Juliette for sharing your story so openly.

NB: As my first audio interview I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing (apologies if you can tell that by the editing), but it was so interesting listening to Juliette’s story of how her creative business has just exploded over the past year, and I hope you will find it inspiring too.  Thank you so much to Nelly for the suggestion to be brave and try audio, it was fun!

All images courtesy of Juliette Crane

Here are links to some of the resources mentioned in the interview:
Flourish creative business development class with Stephanie Fizer
Flying Lessons creative business class with Kelly Rae Roberts (affiliate link)
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (in the Do What You Love amazon shop)
Somerset Studio magazine
The rights-free music used in the audio is courtesy of danosongs



  1. Wonderful! I am a big fan of Juliette's blog. I am one of the people who loves her progression paintings. I love hearing about how an artist came to be. It is so good to hear that they suffer from the same fears an insecurities as I have.

    This was a wonderful interview, I hope this is the first of a long line of podcasts.

  2. Beth! Your voice is divine and was meant to be heard! It made me smile from ear to ear to hear you made me miss you so much too! I hope you continue to do these as it makes the pond between us seem just a little smaller.

    Juliette! It was so lovely to hear your words as you spoke. Your interview will continue to inspire so many people to listen to their whispers and to trust. Thank-you for sharing a deeper side of you heart in this podcast.

    Congratulations sweet women! This was awe-some! xox

  3. Although it has been lovely to hear your voice ..... I prefer the written interviews.
    I hardly understood anything.

  4. Fabulous! Thank you, i really enjoyed listening to this whilst i was doing some bits and pieces in my studio with a cuppa! Juliette congratulations on all the fabulous accomplishments, i too love your in progress posts on your blog. Beth, your voice comes over lovely. Looking forward to more. xx

  5. I love to listen to others while I work at the computer or big table! You both did a great JOB! Thanks 2 you both as well!

  6. Thank you, Beth, so very, very much for having me here! It was so fun talking, and the podcast turned out just amazing!

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  7. Thank You for introducing us to Juliette, Beth! Her work is AMAZING! I am IN LOVE with it! Thank You!

  8. This is a great interview. I love Juliette! It was great to listen to both of you. I really like this Podcast concept. Very good. I feel I can really relate to Juliette. It is so hard to put yourself out there. But if you never put yourself out there you will never know what you can be. Awesome Beth! I LOVE MY POSTCARD!!!!!!Thank you!!!

  9. what a great interview! I'm so glad I could access it at the office or I might not have heard it at all =-(

  10. Wow Lovely interview. You have done a fab job. (and I was so excited to listen to your voice for the first time, you sounded great!) xm

  11. So wonderful to hear you both and the unfolding story of Juliette. Thankyou so much! Love the podcast :)

  12. Loved your interview Beth. Well done! Juliettte is an amazing artist - I must look out for her - and it looks like you have a new career beckoning too. Love and friendship and fond memories as always. Sandra Showell x

  13. yea!
    i LOVE juliette. i am so happy that you chose her! sending you a HUGE hug today!
    happy weekend love.

  14. This interview has been great to listen to. I loved hearing and getting to know more from both of you. Yeah for handmade artists following their dreams!

  15. Thanks for the introduction to a wonderful artist! Have a sweet day!

  16. What a nice interview. I love hearing the stories behind the artists and their art! I look forward to more.

  17. Juliette is a great choice, her art works are gorgeous! I loved the interview!!
    Have a lovely Sunday. xx

  18. Your work is really beautiful and magical Juliette. Good on you!

  19. I so enjoyed the podcast Beth. I hope you're going to be doing lots more of them. Like Louise said, it was great to have it on while I pottered around with some creative chores. You have a fabulous voice for interviewing/podcasting.

    Juliette's work is so fantastic. I really love watching her paintings evolve and the end result is always so beautiful and magical.

  20. Thank you so much everyone! I guess this gives me permission to do some more in future :-)

  21. This is a great podcast, so many areas that I relate to in her journey as an artist. Looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts..:)

  22. Hey Beth

    Thanks so much for doing this. Agree you have a great voice, and I'd also add you strike the right balance between allowing Juliete to answer fully and prompting her/adding your own take every now and then. A rare quality that. Plus like your down to earth questions. So definitely a great format. It was an inspiring listen, and for once I sat back and did just that, without multitasking or drifting into something else entirely.
    X T


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